Old XP Star

XP Star UD28

New XP Star

XP, which stands for Experience, are stars that can be found on clouds above The Void and scattered around XP Island. These can be collected in order to level up pets to increase their stats, up to level 25.  XP can also be obtained by simply collecting other currencies. When you collect XP, it is shared between your equipped pets, even those that are maxed. If there is only one pet equipped all the XP will go to that one pet.


  • The amount of XP you get per star/chest is as follows:
    • Small Yellow Star: 750 or 1,000 (1,500 or 2,000 with gamepass)
    • Yellow Star: 1,500 or 1,750 (3,000 or 3,500 with gamepass)
    • Red Star: 2,500 or 3,500 (5,000 or 7,000 with gamepass)
    • Purple Star: 5,000 or 6,500 (10,000 or 13,000 with gamepass)
    • Chest: 25,000 (50,000 with gamepass). With the gamepass, the Chest is known for some reason to give 100,000 XP, even though it is meant to give 50,000. Whether this is a glitch, players are unsure.
  • The original yellow XP star had a resemblance to the secret pet, Sea Star.
  • In Update 28, the shape of the XP stars was changed. This was most likely because the Stars currency in Rainbow Land look very similar to them.
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