This blog post is for explaining what a "value list" and a couple more things are, for beginners or the like.

About Value Lists

Usually, you'll hear about value lists and how people "use" them to help them in trades. This is true, however, they can be used in more malicious ways than they might think. Values for a user should be user determined, with value lists helping them, not teaching or guiding them. Anybody can create a value list that can help others in trades. Personally, I do not use value lists because they can often be misleading or outdated.


with Value Lists

Many users have been known for scamming users, with a not very known way to scamming users is by creating a manipulating value list, examples could be:

Beta TV: 100% Dowodle: 50%
Please do not fall for potential scams like the example shown above. Value lists can also be outdated quite fast, examples could be:

Soul Heart: 5000% Giant Robot: 4900%
Again, the example above is not real, and only an example of an outdated valuelist.

by Inflating Values

Off a little of the value lists topic, users can easily inflate or deflate values by saying things like: "Dowodle is 40% of a 2018 Overlord!" or, "Pixie is 500% of a 2018 Overlord!". Again, try to not fall for simple things like these, or even try to inflate or deflate values.

How to Report

You can report someone for scamming (if you believe you have good enough video proof) here Note: The wiki is not in any way affiliated with Rumble Studios, do not report scammers in the Report Center or on a wiki admin's wall.

I am not putting any hate towards value lists, or even supporting them. I am only trying to help players to not get scammed.

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