My IGN: StrikEnergy I usually trade on my alt. I hatched a secret pet on 2/21/2020 that pet is Dark Guardian, I hatched it in 3,000 eggs. And also I hatched a radiant protector 300 eggs before it lol

I have been hatching from the release until now and still nothing good. Send me trades.

I want things that are high value but I put lower value things. If you are a rare pet collector I got your back. This is only Bgs. I am a big fan of this game on roblox, and on other wikis I’m active too. Anything you want that has to do with a a question post on my wall. :D

My favorite pet is Easter Basket!

Easter Basket ————>

Easter Basket

My favorite pages

  • Bubble Gum Simulator Wikia
  • Secret Pets
  • Legendary pets

My pet team

Dark Soul Level 25 Enchant 40 SircFenner Hat

Dark omen Level 25 Enchant 40 Sparkle Hat

Fire God Level 25 Enchant 40

Night Terror Level 25 Enchant 40

Catmouse Level 25 Enchant 40

Circus Stack Level 25 Enchant 40

(Shiny) Lovely Omen Enchant 40 (Level will change in the future!)

Dark guardian (Enchant and level will change in the future!)

Valentine Shock (Enchant and level will change in the future!) Eye Poppers Hat

Kraken Couplet Level 25 Enchant 40 Frost Horns hat

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