Hi, i'm noobyrblx011. I've have been discussion moderator for this wiki. (Also first discussion mod) 

I'm thinking about retiring from the wiki due lost interests of the game because the game is boring rn for me. but i got demoted before i do, so i'll gonna say here. 

When Bubble Gum Sim was released to everyone, i found out that this game is fun, so i was enthusiastic about building up a wiki. after Update 29, i seldom play the game anymore. my activity wasn't great on the wiki and i never feel like touching the game anymore. 


I feel that I am not very fit to be discussion moderator, and don't really enjoy being one for a game I don't play. I hope everyone can understand my decision, and I will continue to support the wiki, as well as potentially help edit again in the future.

It was a pleasure to work here with experienced staff (or just staff members) 

Goodbye, I'll see you soon. 

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