The Traveling Merchant is a scheduled shop that arrives every Friday and Saturday (Arrives/Leaves 7 AM UTC) in the Overworld.

On Saturday at 7 AM UTC, the shop will change its cycle of items. The rewards range from Boosts, Potions, and Exclusive Pets. You can buy each item for a certain type of currency, or Robux, depending on the item slot.

Available Items

Each of the 3 slots has a chance of showing one of the Items/Pets assigned to it every time the Traveling Merchant restocks. Prices can also range depending on what item is selected.

Slot Name Amount Cost Image
1 2x Luck

(30 Min.)

7 5,000,000,000Jewel (19Icon-Robux)
Lucky Chances
1 2x Hatch Speed

(30 Min.)

7 3,000,000,000Pearl / Star(19Icon-Robux)
Auto Egg
1 2x XP (30 Min.) 7 10,000,000,000Coin / 500,000,000Coin (19Icon-Robux)
2x XP
1 +1 Level Potion 5 1,000,000,000Jewel (19Icon-Robux)
+1 Pet Level
1 +1 Enchant Potion 5 750,000,000Coin (19Icon-Robux)
+1 Pet Enchant
2 2x Hatch Speed

(1 Hour)

5 12,000,000,000Crystal Icon (42Icon-Robux)
Auto Egg
2 2x XP

(1 Hour)

5 5,000,000,000Coin (42Icon-Robux)
2x XP
2 x3 Shiny Chances

(1 Hour)

5 10,000,000,000Jewel (42Icon-Robux)
Shiny Chance
2 2x Luck

(1 Hour)

5 500,000,000 / 10,000,000,000Pearl (42Icon-Robux)
Lucky Chances
2 Max Enchant Potion 2 2,000,000,000Crystal Icon (42Icon-Robux)
Max Pet Enchant
2 Max Level Potion 2 15,000,000,000Star (42Icon-Robux)
Max Pet Level
3 Rainbow Phoenix 3 500,000,000,000Jewel (1,499Icon-Robux)
Rainbow Phoenix
3 Magic Marshmallow 1 700,000,000,000Magma
Magic Marshmallow
3 Midas

(No Longer Available)

3 400,000,000,000Jewel
3 Phantom (No Longer Available) 1 500,000,000,000Crystal Icon
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