Titles are special unlockables that appear above the player, and are obtained through varying methods.

Progress Titles

Rank How to Obtain
Bubbler Starter Title
Novice Hatch 100 eggs or blow 500 bubbles
Intermediate Hatch 500 eggs or blow 15,000 bubbles
Expert Hatch 2,500 eggs or blow 50,000 bubbles
Extreme Hatch 10,000 eggs or blow 250,000 bubbles
Unreal Bubbler Blow 1,000,000 Bubbles
Bubble Master Blow 100,000,000 Bubbles
Godly Bubbler Blow 1,000,000,000 Bubbles
Unreal Hatcher Hatch 20,000 eggs
Egg Master Hatch 50,000 eggs
Godly Hatcher Hatch 250,000 eggs
Eggcellent Hatch 1,000,000 eggs
No Life Hatch 5,000,000 eggs

Special Titles

Rank How to Obtain
Developer Be a Rumble Studios Developer
Verified Be a well-known YouTuber
VIP Purchase the VIP Gamepass
💰Money Bags💰 Own every gamepass
Season 8 Elite Finish Season 8 without Premium
Season 8 Champion Finish Season 8 with Premium
Season 9 Elite Finish Season 9 without Premium
Season 9 Champion Finish Season 9 with Premium
Easter Elite Finish the 2020 Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Champion Finish top 25 in the 2020 Easter Egg Hunt
OG Bubbler Have at least one Christmas 2018 Pet in your index
One In A Million Obtain a Secret Pet
Keeper of Secrets Obtain 3 Secret Pets
Shiny Hunter Hatch/Make a shiny Secret Pet
Spring Grinder Purchased in the Spring Shop for 250 billion Flowers
Top 100 (S. 10) Finish in the top 100 during Season 10 on the Competitive Leaderboards.
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