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The Void is one of the Floating Islands, found at a height of 3,208 meters. It contains the following eggs: 

The Void is home of the Void Chest, redeemed every 90 minutes for 6,000 Gems, or could be instantly respawned for 499 Icon-Robux. The number of gems are affected by gem multipliers your active pets and hats have. 


  • This island does not have a trampoline, even though it is no longer the highest island since Zen's introduction.
  • There was once a limited Dark Serpent Egg, which cost 7,299Icon-Robux, and was also available in the Shop. The egg was next to the staircase that went up to the Void Chest, and the Portal that went to the XP Island.
  • This island is the place where you can hatch the The Overlord in the Nightmare Egg.
  • Unlike other islands in this world, neither coins nor gems spawn here.
  • This island also contains a portal to XP Island.
  • Gems used to spawn here, until the Void Chest came out an update after its release.
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