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The Alien found at the sell area.

The Twilight is one of the many Floating Islands, found at the height of 1134. It contains another sell area, giving 2 coins per bubble (double of the starting world). The only inhabitant here is the Rumble Studio's Alien, who buys the gum from you.      

Like all islands except for The Void, Zen, and XP Island, there are Coins and Gems that can spawn around the island. From the coin tokens, you can only get a base collection of 15 coins. However, from the gem tokens you can get either 3 or 6 gems. These can all increase with pets.  

The Twilight also includes a trampoline which can help you get higher up the map. When you click sell, if you've unlocked the Twilight Zone it will teleport you to the sell at the twilight zone instead of the sell in the Starter Area.

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