The Main World Starter Area is where all players start when they join Bubblegum Simulator. It contains the first Sell Area, Gum Store, and Eggs available to players, as well as portals to every Earth Island players have unlocked. Coins are scattered on the ground throughout this area for collecting. There is also a giant trampoline which can be used to help players jump to the next island, The Floating Island.


The following eggs can be purchased with coins, gems, or Icon-Robux.

These eggs can hatch the following:

Event Eggs

These eggs were added to the game temporarily and could have been purchased in the Starter Area.

Gum Store

Players can access the Gum Store as soon as they start the game. The store sells Gum, Flavors, and Faces that help them reach higher islands. The Faces were added to the shop in Update 27. They function exactly like Flavors, boosting the bubbles you get.


  • By standing at the Sell Area, you are able to get an "Infinite" gum capacity. The downside to this is that you are unable to explore more islands. This can be repeated at The Twilight.
  • You actually can make the jump just over the Floating Island if you have around 100,000+ Gum capacity.
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