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The Santa's Sleigh Hunt is a part of the 2020 Christmas Event in Bubble Gum Simulator. Its goal is to find six sleigh parts all scattered around the game in different locations. The parts are split into four difficulties: two easy, two medium, one hard, and one insane.

Completing it awards a player four hours of x2 Luck and x2 Faster Hatching Speed Boosts, and the Gift Mimic.

Sleigh Parts

  • Sleigh Seat - Easy
  • Right Skate - Easy
  • Left Skate - Medium
  • Sleigh Cabin - Medium
  • Rocket Thruster 2 - Hard
  • Rocket Thruster 1 - Insane

When doing the Insane part, the player will come across the Bruh Bandit's Puzzle, asking the player to answer 5 of 8 questions to earn the Bruh Coin for the Insane Sleigh Piece, along with the Bruh Bandit pet.


These are the instructions on completing the mission.

Sleigh Seat (Easy)

This requires the player to go to the Minigames Area and jump on top of the Gumball Machine (Group Benefits) using Bubble Gravity. Touching the top of the machine will dispense a sleigh seat. It can be claimed by touching it.

Right Skate (Easy)

Talk to Eddie The Elf standing between 2 gingerbread houses left of the Advent Calendar. He will want the player to gift 35 houses while giving a great excuse.

Left Skate (Medium)

In Candy Land, visit the chocolate fountain at the opposite side of the starter area and jump inside to claim the Left Skate.

Sleigh Cabin (Medium)

Visit Toy Land and touch the blocks in the following order located at the left of the portals:

  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan/Aqua/Light Blue, Blue/Dark Blue, Dark Purple/Purple, Magenta/Light Purple/Indigo, and Pink

Rocket Thruster 2 (Hard)

Collect all star pieces scattered across the map, after that go on top of the Christmas Tree in the Christmas World to retrieve Rocket Thruster 2.

Star Locations

  • On top of the Overworld Gum Shop, behind the sign.
  • Toy Land, located at a hidden area behind the portals. Jump over the mountains and land on the ledge, similar to getting to the Candy Land's Hidden Box.
  • Beach World, located behind the Gum Shop.
  • Atlantis, located behind the ship at the opposite side of the map.
  • Mystic Forest, located behind a tree near the sell area.

The Bruh's Quest

The Bruh's Quest is assigned by The Bruh in his secret cabin, the player must get the Bruh Coin and he will award the player the Rocket Thruster 1.

  • Talk to The Bruh, his house is smaller in height than others and has barely any decorations. He talks through a small slot in the door.
  • You can find a note hidden opposite from where the "Challenges" and "Eggs" signs are located at the Christmas Tree.
  • The vault will now be visible at the same side as the Advent Calendar. Input the code "441423" into the vault.
  • Visit Gingey Gingerbread's house and enter the door backwards in first person.
  • Answer the Trivia.
Trivia Question Answer
When was BGS first released? November 22nd 2018
What was the rarest pet when BGS first released? Electra
Which world does not have a secret pet? Toy Land
What was the first very secret pet? The Overlord
Who was the first owner of a Dogcat? Sylently
How many different Dogcats are there? 3
Which egg could a Leviathan be hatched from? Frost Egg
Who is the best Bruh in all of BGS? Bruh Bandit (Pick Any)
  • You will get the Bruh Bandit Pet and the Bruh Coin.
  • Talk to The Bruh again to receive the Rocket Thruster 1.