General Rules

These are the rules for the wiki. If you would like to report someone for breaking a rule, join the Discord and say &report in the chat. We will read the reports and deal with the situation. Don't forget we've got our eyes on you. The rules are:

  1. Do NOT curse.
  2. Do NOT spam.
  3. Do NOT ask for roles.
  4. Treat everyone kindly. Treat them how you would want to be treated.
  5. Do NOT delete good information. Change it if your information is better.
  6. Have fun! :D

The following rules are to be followed by EVERYONE including Staff. If you break a rule you will be given a warning. The following table shows how certain amounts of warnings, mutes and suspesions can cause consequences. 

Punishment Policies

The following punishment policies are divided into four tiers, with Tier One being minor offences and Tier Four being major offences. You will also be banned after 3 strikes.

Tier Offence   Punishment
1 -Minor Discord Rule Violation

-Minor Toxicity

-Foul Language

1-2 Days Suspension
2 -Minor Vandalism





-Discord Rule Violation

5-8 Days Suspension + 1 Strike
3 -Creating Spam Articles

-Creating Spam Accounts


2-3 Weeks Suspension + 1 Strike + 4-5 Week Editing Permissions Suspension
4 -Major Vandalism

-Scamming (In any way)

-Uploading Inappropriate Images

-Hate Speech against game/community

-Posting off site links

-Inappropriate Username/Profile Picture

3-5 Months Suspension+Editing Right Loss/Permanent Ban

NOTE: These consequences apply for both the Wiki and Discord.

Got something or someone to report? Tell a staff member!