Ranks are titles that appear above the player which can be obtained by reaching a certain limit of bubbles. You get rewarded with a badge each time you rank up.

The Partner and Developer ranks are the only ranks in the game that does NOT need bubbles to obtain. The Partner rank can only be obtained by becoming a Rumble Studios Partner, and the Developer rank can only be obtained by being one of the developers of the game.

Note: The "Percentage of Users With Rank" column shows data as of the end of March, 2019.

Current Ranks

Rank Bubbles Percentage of Users With Rank.
Beginner 0 100.0%
Novice 150 20.1% 
Intermediate 500 18.0%
Advanced 1.25K 16.9%
Expert 2.5K 16.1%
Extreme Bubbler 7K 14.8%
Gum Specialist 15K 13.8%
Incredible Bubbler 45K 12.0%
Outrageous Bubbler 100K 10.5%
Bubble Enthusiast 250K 8.4%
Unreal Bubbler 500K 6.6%
Gum Extremist 750K 5.6%
Bubble Connoisseur 1.5M 4.1% 
Bubble Master 3.5M 2.6%
Bubble Champion


Grand Master 25M 1.0%
Grand Champion 50M 0.7%
Godly Bubbler 150M 0.4%
Simply Insane 500M 0.2%
Partner Content Creator only N/A
Developer Developer only N/A