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Prizes were added in Update 15 and allow players to obtain rewards for blowing bubbles and for opening eggs and/or boxes. The prizes consist of many pets that range from Rare Pets to shiny Legendaries as well as extra slots, permanent luck, permanent hatch speed, and extra pets equipped. These rewards continue to get rarer each time you unlock a new prize.

Prizes List

List of Egg Prizes

Amount of Eggs Pet Image
100 Shiny Dragon
Shiny Dragon.png
500 Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon.png
1,000 Emerald Golem
Emerald Golem.png
5,000 Electra
10,000 Neon Elemental
Neon Elemental.png
25,000 Rainbow Winged Hydra
Rainbow Winged Hydra.png
50,000 Demonic Hydra
Demonic Hydra.png
75,000 Ducky
100,000 Penguin
200,000 Shiny Magenta Cube
Shiny Magenta Cube.png
300,000 Hexarium
400,000 Shiny Virus
Shiny Virus.png
500,000 Shiny Dominus Hydra
Shiny Dominus Hydra.png
750,000 Rainbow Shock
Rainbow Shock.png
1,000,000 Evil Shock
Evil Shock.png
3,000,000 King Soul
King Soul.png
5,000,000 Dark Radiance
Dark Radiance.png
10,000,000 Demonic One
Demonic One.png
500,000 x1.25 Luck
Lucky Chances.png
750,000 Faster Hatch
Auto Egg.png
1,000,000 +1 Pet Equipped

Bubble Prizes

Amount of Bubbles Pet Image
100 Panda
10,000 Demon
1,000,000 Emerald Golem
Emerald Golem.png
5,000,000 Electra
35,000,000 Inferno Cube
Inferno Cube.png
100,000,000 Rainbow Marshmallow
Rainbow Marshmallow.png
200,000,000 Green Hydra
Green Hydra.png
500,000,000 Shiny Ducky
Shiny Ducky.png
1,000,000,000 Magenta Cube
Magenta Cube.png
5,000,000,000 Jelly Dualcorn
Jelly Dualcorn.png
15,000,000,000 Jelly Overlord
Jelly Overlord.png
30,000,000,000 Shiny Frost Dominus
Shiny Frost Dominus.png
60,000,000,000 Hexarium
100,000,000,000 Rainbow Shock
Rainbow Shock.png
250,000,000,000 Holy Shock
Holy Shock.png
999,999,999,999 King Leviathan
King Leviathan.png
2,500,000,000,000 Dark Lord
Dark Lord.png
15,000,000,000,000 Demonic Dogcat
Demonic Dogcat.png
50,000,000 +10 Pet Slots
150,000,000 +50 Pet Slots
350,000,000 +100 Pet Slots

Badge Prizes

Badge Pet Image


  • Update 32 included the addition of new prizes. Players can now get two pets: one for 3,000,000 eggs/boxes opened, the King Soul, and the King Leviathan for 1 trillion bubbles blown.
  • Update 36 included another addition of new prizes which included extra slots, permanent luck, permanent hatch speed, and an extra pet equipped.
  • Update 46 included another addition of new prizes. Players can now get two pets, the Dark Radiance for 5,000,000 eggs/boxes opened, and the Dark Lord for 2.5 trillion bubbles blown.
  • Update 67 included another addition of new prizes. Players can now get two pets: the Demonic One for 10,000,000 eggs/boxes opened and the Demonic Dogcat for 15 trillion bubbles blown.