Pets are companions that, when equipped, increase the number of bubbles blown per click. Those equipped also increase a player's currency multipliers allowing the player to earn currencies faster. Pets are most commonly acquired by hatching Eggs, but they can also be acquired as rewards from the Reward Islands, Prizes, by entering special Codes, and by trading with other players. In Update 31, Challenges, the introduction of the Bubble Pass also rewarded pets for completing various challenges.


Each pet has a set of stats that determine how they will affect the player when equipped. There are three stats that all pets have, plus special currency stats that can only be found on pets from certain zones. All pets have a bubble stat, this number is added directly to the player's total bubbles blown with each click. The Coin and Gem stats are also found on all pets and will increase the quantity of Coins and Gems the player earns. The Candy, Block, Shell, Pearl, and Star stats are only found on pets from Candy Land, Toy Land, Beach World, Atlantis, and Rainbow Land, in that order. These stats will increase the quantity of Candy, Blocks, Shells, Pearls, and Stars the player earns.

During the 2018 Christmas event, pets found in the Christmas World had a special stat that would increase the quantity of Candy Canes the player earned. Although still found in the pets' infoboxes, this stat has since been removed from all Christmas Land pets.

During the 2019 Halloween event, pets found in the Halloween Area had a special stat that would increase the quantity of Candy Corn the player earned. Also, during this event the large chests on every island of all worlds provided Candy Corn based on the Halloween pets equipped.

Strangely, the multipliers shown in the pet menu for each pet don't directly influence the total multiplier, but rather, each currency has a formula that uses these values to determine the final multiplier. These formulas are:

"x" is the total of the multipliers of each equipped pet for a given currency.

"n" is the total number of pets currently equipped that have a multiplier for the collected currency.

"d" is the default multiplier, which is 1 by default, and 2 when the player owns the respective double currency gamepass.

Prior to update 16, there was an issue with the Coin formula which caused the 2x Coin pass to work incorrectly, rendering it essentially useless. This issue has now been fixed.

Following these formulae, even when the player has a single pet equipped, the multiplier will differ from the sum of all equipped multipliers. For example, if a player has only one pet equipped and that pet has a 4x Candy multiplier (without the "2x Candy" gamepass), they will receive a total Candy multiplier of 3x instead of 4x:

  • "(4 - 1)1 = 3 x 1 = 3"

Another example is if the player has two pets equipped, one with a Gem multiplier of 5 and one with a Gem multiplier of 6 (without the "2x Gem" gamepass), they will receive a total Gem multiplier of 19x instead of 11x:

  • "((11 - 2)2) + 1 = (9 x 2) + 1 = 18 + 1 = 19".

By default, the maximum number of pets a player can equip at once is 5. This limit can be increased to 10 by purchasing the +5 Pets Gamepass.

By default, the maximum number of pets a player can own at once is 125. This limit can be increased to up to 1,755 by purchasing the +30 Slots, +100 Slots, +500 Slots, and +1000 Slots Gamepasses.

Leveling Pets

Main article: XP

By picking up Currency, your pet will gain experience. Larger bundles of currency will grant your pet more experience than smaller bundles. Once a pet has gained enough experience, they will automatically level up. The amount of experience required to level a pet up depends on three things:

  • The current level of the pet. A pet with a higher level will require more experience to reach the next level.
  • The rarity of the pet. A higher rarity requires more experience to level up.
  • If the pet is shiny. A shiny pet requires 5x as much experience to level up as a normal pet of the same type.

The maximum level any pet can reach is 25, at which point its stats will be double what they were at level 1. A pet's current level is shown in-game above the pet, below their name. It's also displayed in the pet menu on their icon, or below their image. Current experience and the amount required to level up is also displayed below the pet's image in the pet menu.

Any experience gained will be shared between all currently equipped pets. If any equipped pets are max level, they will still take a share of the experience, although this experience will have no effect and is wasted.



Enchanting is a feature that was added in Update 16. It allows players to raise their pet's stats alongside regular leveling. Shiny pets can be enchanted at any level while normal pets have to reach level 25 to be enchanted. The currency used to enchant a pet will depend on the world that the pet came from; Pets from the starter world will use Coins or Gems, depending on what island their eggs are found on. A single pet can be enchanted up to 50 times.

Shiny Pets

Shiny Pet.png

Pets have a 1/100 (1%) chance of being hatched shiny from an Egg. However, 10 regular pets can be combined to create a Shiny version of that pet. Shiny Pets have 2 times the stats of the regular version but require 5 times as much experience to level up.

Shiny pets share the same model as their normal counterpart, but their color palette is inverted and they have the phrase "(SHINY)" above their name as well as a shining gold background on their icon in the pet menu. The palette inversion does not usually affect the face of the pet, although there are some pets that are affected in this way. Certain pets, such as the Angelic Dominus, have a distinct shiny texture that is not a direct inversion of the normal counterpart.

Mythic Pets

A mythic Cursed Scorpio

Mythic Pets are a similar type of pet as shines, each has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance of being hatched from an Egg. These pets can only be obtained by hatching any egg added after Update 49 and only apply to Legendary pets.

The appearance of mythic pets seems to represent "mutated" pets, adding multiple of parts such as wings or horns, or transforming the pet into a more complicated version to give off the appearance of a much better pet. Mythic pets also have a 1.5x stat boost affecting their original pet's stats.

Shiny mythics are also obtainable if hatched (1/20,000) or combined with 10 mythic pets.


Each type of pet is assigned one of the following 5 rarities;

  • Common
  • Unique
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary (Denoted as ??? in Eggs)

Pet List by Egg + Stats

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Social Media Exclusives

Pet Code Bubbles Coins Jewels Candy Blocks
Twitter Doggy TwitterRelease +3 x4 x4
Twitch Kitty TwitchRelease +4 x4 x3
Twitch Golem Golemite +7 x14 x11
Partner Serpent Rumble Studios Partner +150 x295 x405
Partner Unicorn Rumble Studios Partner +150 x295 x425
Twitter Dominus FreePet +125 x150 x150 x25
Toy Serpent SecretPet +135 x175 x180 x35

Robux Bought

Pet Cost Icon-Robux.png Available Bubbles Coins Jewels Candies Blocks Shells Pearls Crystals Bells
Inferno Dragon 499 Yes +115 x195 x205
Beta TV 699 No +450 x1,200 x1,300
Lucky Dominus 777 No +905 x777 x1,777
Dowodle 1,299 No +525 x1,400 x1,500
Demoncore 2,229 No +3,750 x8,850 x7,500 x2,215
Infernus 5,299 No +215 x850 x999
Atlantis Guardian 6,299 Yes +1,125 x3,250 x3,000 x1,015
Candy Winged Hydra 6,299 Yes +755 x2,500 x2,100 x585
Sea Urchin 6,299 Yes +1,050 x3,115 x3,025 x925
Toxic Elemental 6,299 Yes +945 x2,950 x2,360 x825
Dark Serpent 7,299 No +245 x1,000 x1,125
Electra Hydra 7,299 No +995 x3,250 x2,760 x1,150
Clockwork 999 No +16,550 x62,400 x70,330 x1,250
Christmas Shop (Unobtainable)
Pet Cost Icon-Robux.png Bubbles Coins Jewels Candy Canes
Winter Dragon 249 +26 x15 x18 x5
Christmas Unicorn 799 +42 x65 x65 x6
Christmas Elemental 6,999 +405 x1,255 x1,105 x245
Enraged Phoenix 8,299 +745 x1,985 x1,670 x575
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Candy Land

Toy Land

Beach World