Minigames are a feature in Bubble Gum Simulator, they can be played for special rewards, it was first located at the Circus Event Area, then the Starter Area, then in the St Patrick's Area and now stays in the starter area in a special area accessed by opening 3,000 eggs.

Guess That Pet

Guess that pet

Guess That Pet is a minigame where players could either compete against each other or go solo by trying to guess (by typing in chat) the pet that appeared. There were 5 rounds in each match with a 15-second timer for each pet to be guessed. At the end of each match the number of points obtained transferred into an equal amount of tickets. The most points a player could receive in one round was 225 points.

  • With no pets equipped the ratio was 1 ticket per point. Otherwise, the number of tickets awarded was based on the Circus pets a player had equipped. The more/better the pet(s), the more tickets were awarded.
  • In Update 38, Guess That Pet had a name change to "Guess the Pet", and was moved to the Starter Area with Gems being rewarded instead of tickets.

Card Matcher

Screenshot 16-0

Card Matcher was another minigame in which a player had to match two corresponding cards in a 3x6 grid whilst they were flipped over. Once the player matched all the cards, a minimum of 250 tickets was awarded. No punishment was received for taking too long or for flipping too many cards over.

  • The number of tickets awarded was based on the Circus pets a player had equipped. With no pets equipped the reward would be 250 tickets. The more/better the pet(s), the more tickets were awarded.

Spin to Win

Spin Wheel

The Spin Wheel in the St Patrick's Event

Spin Wheel Main World

The Spin Wheel in the Main World

Spin to Win is a minigame located in the St Patrick's Area. You spin a wheel in order to earn prizes. Each prize has a 12.5% chance, respectively.

The wheel can be used every 12 hours.

In Update 45, Spin to Win was moved over to the Main World with altered prizes.

In Update 46, the 2x Candy boost was replaced with 2x XP.

This is the list of possible prizes.

  • St Patrick's Prizes
  • Main World Prizes

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are special challenges that the player can complete to earn special rewards, as expected, the player gets a new one each day.

List of Challenges and Rewards

Doggy Jump

Doggy Jump is a game where you play as a Doggy and jump over obstacles such as rocks and tree stumps. The game gets faster the farther you get. Depending on your score, you can earn special Potions and Boosts. This minigame is based off the Google Chrome dinosaur game as confirmed here.

  • 100 Points gives a +1 Pet Level
  • 200 Points gives a +1 Pet Enchant
  • 300 Points give 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • 500 Points gives 20 minutes of 2x Luck
  • You do not need to go any farther for better rewards.

Doggy Jump Doggy

The sprite of the Doggy.

Doggy Jump Music

The music that plays.

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