The Inferno Dragon is a Legendary pet in Bubble Gum Simulator. It can be obtained by opening a Magma Egg. The chance of hatching it is 0.6% (1 in 167), or 1.2% (1 in 84) with the Lucky Chances gamepass.

It can also be obtained by purchasing the 24th slot on Rewards Island, by purchasing the 27th slot on Sea Rewards,and by purchasing the 24th slot of the Crystal Rewards. It is also obtainable by purchasing the Inferno Egg in the Starter Area, and/or by purchasing it in the game shop for 499 Icon-Robux.


  • This pet originates from Mining Simulator.
  • The Inferno Egg was the first Special Egg released in the game.
  • Initially, the Inferno Dragon cost 4,299 Icon-Robux. In Update 10 the price was decreased to 499 Icon-Robuxfor unknown reasons, but most likely because the pet was starting to get too underpowered.
  • This was the only legendary Dragon pet until the Balloon Dragon came out in Update 18.
  • This pet inspired the Balloon Dragon.
  • This is the cheapest legendary Robux pet in the game.
  • This is currently the only Robux pet with its egg located in the starter area.
  • This is the only pet that can be hatched from 2 eggs, those being the Inferno Egg and the Magma Egg.
  • This is the weakest legendary Robux pet in the game.
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