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The Halloween 2021 Area was the spawn area for the 2021 Halloween Event. The Event used Lollipops as currency. They were spread around the area, and were obtained by trick-or-treating at houses around the map.


The following Eggs were able to be purchased with Lollipops:

These eggs could hatch the following:


Item Amount Cost Image
x2 Luck (60 minutes) 20 60,000,000 Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (60 minutes) 20 85,000,000 Auto Egg.png
+1 Pet Enchant 16 100,000,000 +1 Pet Enchant.png
Shadow Potion 10 2,250,000,000 Shadow Enchant Potion.png
Max Pet Level 4 10,000,000,000 Max Pet Level.png
Max Pet Enchant 4 10,000,000,000 Max Pet Enchant.png
"Spooky" Title 1 750,000,000,000 Spooky title -o.png
Haunted Spirit 1 1,500,000,000,000 Haunted Spirit.png

Halloween Rewards

Slot Reward Picture
1 Frankendoggy Frankendoggy.png
2 Frankenkitty Frankenkitty.png
3 Wisp Wisp.png
5 Demonic Wisp Demonic Wisp.png
9 Frankenfox Frankenfox.png
16 Frankengolem Frankengolem.png
22 Frankencorn Frankencorn.png
32 Wisp Elemental Wisp Elemental.png
46 Wisp Hexarium Wisp Hexarium.png
66 Wisp Phoenix Wisp Phoenix.png
74 Ghostarium Ghostarium.png
83 Pumpkin Burst Pumpkin Burst.png
94 Ghostly Fortune Ghostly Fortune.png
111 Eternal Candle Eternal Candle.png
135 Immortal Pumpkin Immortal Pumpkin.png
150 Haunted Terror Haunted Terror.png

Halloween Challenges

Main article: Halloween Challenges

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat 2.PNG

Trick or Treat was a feature in the Halloween 2021 Event that involved going door-to-door to 11 different houses. The houses contained NPCs who answered the doors and gave treats to the players.

The treats ranged from Lollipops to five minute 2x-3x boosts. There was a short cooldown after collecting a treat from a house before it could be collected again.


  • A blue Crewmate from the game Among Us could be found on a corner right next to the shop. There was also a hole there, but couldn't be fallen through because of the Crewmate easter egg.
  • The Halloween Rewards required 83B lollipops to complete it.