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The Halloween 2020 Area was the spawn for the 2020 Halloween Event. The Event used Treats as currency. They were spread around the area, and were obtained by trick-or-treating at houses around the map.


The following Eggs were able to be purchased with Treats or Robux:

These eggs could have hatched the following:

Spin to Win but it's spooky

Spin to Win but it's spooky was a minigame that was located in the Halloween 2020 Area in which players were able to spin a wheel in order to earn 8 random prizes. This is the list of possible prizes:


Item Amount Cost Image
x2 Luck (60 minutes) 20 30,000,000 Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (60 minutes) 20 45,000,000 Auto Egg.png
+1 Pet Enchant 16 75,000,000 +1 Pet Enchant.png
Max Pet Level 4 8,000,000,000 Max Pet Level.png
Max Pet Enchant 4 8,000,000,000 Max Pet Enchant.png
The Hand 1 450,000,000,000 The Hand.png
Hallowed Spirit 1 1,750,000,000,000 Hallowed Spirit.png

Spooky Rewards

Slot Reward
1 Slime Doggy
2 Slime Kitty
3 Slime Chinchilla
5 Candycorn Doggy
9 Slime Bunny
16 Candycorn Boi
22 Slime Cube
32 Lightness
46 Darkness
74 Trick O' Emperor
83 Skelly Marshmallow
94 Candle Phoenix
111 Crimson Eye
135 Candycorn Lord
150 Luna

Spooky Pass

The Spooky Pass was a system that allowed rewards to be obtained from doing challenges and gaining XP to unlock levels, eventually maxing out at Level 15.

Level Item Image
1 2x Luck (1 hour) Lucky Chances.png
2 Slime Chinchilla Slime Chinchilla.png
3 Shadow Potion Shadow Enchant Potion.png
4 2x Luck (2 hours) Lucky Chances.png
5 2x Hatch Speed (2 hours) Auto Egg.png
6 Shadow Potion Shadow Enchant Potion.png
7 Slime Cube Slime Cube.png
8 Max Pet Level Max Pet Level.png
9 Max Pet Enchant Max Pet Enchant.png
10 Unicandycorn Unicandycorn.png
11 Max Pet Enchant Max Pet Enchant.png
12 2x Luck (5 hours) Lucky Chances.png
13 2x Hatch Speed (5 hours) Auto Egg.png
14 "Halloween Pro" Title Titles.png
15 Magic Bottle Magic Bottle.png

Trick or Treat

Trick Treat gp.png

Trick or Treat was a feature in the Halloween 2020 that involved going door-to-door to seven different houses. The houses contained NPCs who answered the doors and gave treats to the players.

The treats ranged from Treats to five minute 2x-3x boosts, to a One-Eyed Monster. There was a short cooldown after collecting a treat from a house before it could be collected again.

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