Gems are a currency in Bubblegum Simulator, mainly used to buy Eggs. Gems are scattered around the map from Space to The Void, as well as in the VIP Section. They come in different sizes (effecting the amount of gems you get) in the vast space in the game - the number of gems you get is mutiplied by Pets and Gamepasses.

  • Gem: +3 Gems.
  • Box: +6 Gems.
  • Chest: +15 Gems.
    • Safe: +30 Gems.
  • Large Chest: +60 Gems.

Gems can be obtain via other methods, too. Achievements can give Gems as a reward for completing them. The Gem Genie will give you 1 Gem for every 5 Coins you give him.



Santa will take 10 Gems for 1 Candy Cane during the Christmas 2018 Event.


All eggs found in Space or in The Void are bought with Gems, and are generally give better pets than eggs bought with Coins.