These are the following gamepasses for Bubblegum Simulator:


Description Price Available for Purchase? Gamepass Icon
2x Gems Earn 2x the Gems you normally would! 349 R$ Yes
2x Gems
2x Coins Earn 2x the amount of coins you normally would! 249 R$ Yes
2x Coins
Infinite Size Blow bubbles to infinite sizes and a Instant Sell button!
[Unlocks the Quantum Gum]
699 R$ Yes
Infinite Size
Sprint Move twice as fast as normal! 149 R$ Yes
VIP Unlocks VIP Chat Color, Gum, Flavor, and VIP Zone! 349 R$ Yes
+100 Slots Unlocks 100 extra inventory slots to store your pets in! Stacks with other slot gamepasses! 249 R$ Yes
+100 Slots

+5 Pets

Increases how many total pets you can equip by 5!
[Only equipped pets give stat buffs]
999 R$ Yes
+5 Pets
2x XP Earn 2x the XP on pets that you normally would! 329 R$ Yes
2x XP-0
Space Boots Increases your jump power and gravity! (Easier to make it to the top) 149 R$ Yes
Space Boots
Fast Chewer Chew Gum twice as fast as before! 499 R$ Yes
Fast Chewer
+30 Slots Unlocks 30 extra inventory slots to store your pets in! Stacks with other slot gamepasses! 79 R$ Yes
+30 Slots
Auto Achievement Collect Automatically collects all your achievements so you don't have to! Never miss an achievement again! 1,249 R$ No
Lucky Chances Doubles Epic and Legendary chances! 599 R$ Yes
Luck gamepass
+500 Slots Increases your inventory by +500 Slots! (Stacks with other passes) 749 R$ Yes
Multi Egg Open 3 eggs at once! 649 R$ Yes
2x Canes Earn 2x the amount of candy canes you normally would in the Christmas 2018 Event. 359 R$ No
Auto Egg Opener Automatically opens eggs and presses the skip button for you! 649 R$ Yes
+100 Hat Slots Get an extra 100 hat slots! 189 R$ Yes
+500 Hat Slots Get an extra 500 hat slots! 549 R$ Yes
2x Candy Doubles any candy you collect! 349 R$ Yes