The Fall Event Area is an event area for the Fall Event in Bubble Gum Simulator. Inside, it consists of 2 eggs, a hat box, a shop to purchase items/boosts, Rewards, and a "Sinister Portal" that opened on 10/02/20.


The following Eggs are able to be purchased with Gems:

These eggs can hatch the following:

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The following Box is able to be purchased with Coins.

This Box can provide the following:

Fall Event Shop

Located to the left of the event area, the shop includes Boosts and Potions.

Item Amount Cost Image
x2 Luck (1 hour) 10 5,000,000,000 Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (1 hour) 10 4,500,000,000 Auto Egg.png
+1 Pet Enchant 16 250,000,000 +1 Pet Enchant.png
Shadow Potion 10 7,500,000,000 Shadow Enchant Potion.png
Max Pet Level 4 3,000,000,000 Max Pet Level.png
Max Pet Enchant 4 4,000,000,000 Max Pet Enchant.png
Autumn Wizard Title 1 1,000,000,000,000 Titles.png

Fall Event Rewards

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