The Circus Event Area was an event world for the Circus Event in Bubble Gum Simulator. Inside, it consisted of 2 minigames, 3 eggs, a shop to purchase items/boosts, and a reward system. The Circus Event started on the 18th of January and ended on the 7th of February.


The following Eggs were able to be purchased with Tickets:

These eggs could hatch the following:

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Item Amount Cost Image
x2 Luck (45 minutes) 6 30,000,000 Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (45 minutes) 6 45,000,000 Auto Egg.png
+1 Pet Level 4 60,000,000 +1 Pet Level.png
+1 Pet Enchant 4 75,000,000 +1 Pet Enchant.png
Max Pet Level 2 2,500,000,000 Max Pet Level.png
Max Pet Enchant 2 3,500,000,000 Max Pet Enchant.png
Dragon Plushie 1 30,000,000,000 Dragon Plushie.png
Clown Hat 2 8,000,000,000 Clown Hat.png

Clown Rewards

Slot Reward Cost
1 Void Kitty 300
2 Brick Dominus 539
3 Unicorn 1,290
5 Clown Bee 5,750
9 Hell Bat 38,350
16 Demonic Dominus 254,530
22 Lime Angel 727,510
32 Lion 2,500,000
46 Frost Angel 8,290,000
66 Red Dice 27,300,000
74 Pink Ducky 39,820,000
83 Sea Phoenix 58,160,000
94 Circus Stack 87,700,000
111 Dark Omen 151,790,000
150 Elephant Plushie 410,000,000


Main article: Minigames

The Circus Event Area had 2 minigames. Guess That Pet and Card Matcher.


  • This was the first update requested by a fan that was added to the game [1].
  • This and the St. Patrick's Event were both requested via Isaac‘s twitter.
  • The person that requested this update was given all pets from the event for free.
  • This was the first event that wasn't related to a holiday or visit goal.
  • This event brought 'Minigames' to Bubble Gum Simulator.
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