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For other uses, see Christmas Starter Area.

The Christmas Starter Area (2020) was the place for the 2020 Christmas Event. The Event used Bells as currency. They were spread around the area, gifted from occupants of houses obtained by delivering gifts around the map, and in the huge chests across all worlds.


The following Eggs were purchasable with Bells or Robux:

These eggs could have hatched the following:


The following Box was able to be purchased with Coins.

This box could have provided the following:

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar was a calendar filled with prizes which players could claim everyday from December 5th up till December 25th. Each prize became available starting at 4:00 PM PST. This table shows the list of all prizes:

Date (Dec) Reward Picture
x2 Luck (2 hours) Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (2 hours) Auto Egg.png
Max Shadow Max Pet Shadow.png
Potion of Worlds Potion of Worlds.png
Potion of Money Potion of Money.png
Potion of Bubbles Potion of Bubbles.png
x3 Shiny Chance (4 hours) Shiny Chance.png
x3 Mythic Chance (4 hours) 3x Mythics.png
Max Shadow Max Pet Shadow.png
2x Luck (3 hours) Lucky Chances.png
2x Hatch Speed (3 hours) Auto Egg.png
2x Bells (4 hours) 2x Bells.png
3x Shiny Chance (4 hours) Shiny Chance.png
x3 Mythic Chance (4 hours) 3x Mythics.png
Max Shadow Max Pet Shadow.png
Potion of Worlds Potion of Worlds.png
Potion of Money Potion of Money.png
Max Shadow Max Pet Shadow.png
2x Luck (4 hours) Lucky Chances.png
2x Hatch Speed (4 hours) Auto Egg.png
Santa's Helper Title

Queen Snowman

Potion of Bubbles

Advent Calendar December 25.png

If you miss a day, you could have purchased that day's rewards for 29Icon-Robux.png.


Item Amount Cost Image
x2 Luck (60 minutes) 10 60,000,000 Lucky Chances.png
x2 Hatch Speed (60 minutes) 10 85,000,000 Auto Egg.png
+1 Pet Enchant 16 100,000,000 +1 Pet Enchant.png
Shadow Potion 10 2,250,000,000 Shadow Enchant Potion.png
Max Pet Level 4 10,000,000,000 Max Pet Level.png
Max Pet Enchant 4 10,000,000,000 Max Pet Enchant.png
Blizzard Wizard Title 1 750,000,000,000 Blizzard Wizard PT.png
Fairy in a Bottle 1 2,000,000,000,000 Fairy in a Bottle.png

Christmas Rewards (2020)

Its path could be found near the Event Shop. The total cost of all the rewards was 69,962,004,950 Bells.

Slot Reward Picture
1 Gingerbread Doggy Gingerbread Doggy.png
2 Gingerbread Kitty Gingerbread Kitty.png
3 Gingerbread Tamer Gingerbread Tamer.png
5 Ice Cube Ice Cube.png
9 Ice Fiend Ice Fiend.png
16 Blizzyrd Blizzyrd.png
22 Guardian Cookie Guardian Cookie.png
32 Jolly Deer Jolly Deer.png
46 Walrus Walrus.png
66 Surprise Gift Surprise Gift.png
74 Ice Blast Ice Blast.png
83 Festive Flyer Festive Flyer.png
94 Twin Snowballs Twin Snowballs.png
111 Mistletoe Fiend Mistletoe Fiend.png
135 Krampus Krampus.png
150 Comet in a Bottle Comet in a Bottle.png

Beside it you could find the Frostbite Egg, costing 1,299 R$. This would have given you a Frostbite pet, you had a 10% chance of hatching a Mystic Frostbite and a guaranteed Mythic every 10 eggs.

Present Rain

Present Rain was a mini-event happening every 3 hours (based on the server you're in), or purchasable with 99 Icon-Robux.png.

During this event, 20 presents would rain from the sky in the span of a minute. Including 18 boosts & 2 potions.

Presents rain down from the sky full of special goodies and treats!

Rewards per present included:

Present Delivery

Present Delivery was a feature in the event that involved going door-to-door to six different houses. The houses contained NPCs who answered the doors and exchanged back gifts to the players.

The treats ranged from Bells to five minute 2x-3x boosts. There was a cooldown of 24 seconds (inclusive of the 4 second animation) between each gift per house.


  • You could have earned the Social Butterfly badge by talking to all the NPCs.

Only NPCs for saving Christmas are shown.

Santa & His Sleigh

Its path could be found between 2 gingerbread houses.

  • He had asked you to complete a mission to save Christmas: collecting all 6 Sleigh Pieces.
  • His after-quest dialogue praised you and his experience as Santa.

The Bruh

His cabin could be found by disconnecting from the path to the Christmas Rewards (right side) or the path to the Eggs (left side).

  • He had asked you to get him the Bruh Coin by completing a mission.
  • Players could get the "LET THE BRUH SLEEP" badge by knocking on his door 50 times after completing his quest.
  • His after-quest dialogue described him being the new leader of The Bruhs and his passion for... sleeping.

Eddie The Elf

Eddie was an elf who stood between two gingerbread houses from the left of the Advent Calendar.

  • He would give the player a quest of delivering presents to 35 houses as he slacks while explaining how he likes playing Bubble Gum Simulator by using a bot, while he stands still, waving at people.
  • His after-quest dialogue described his experience playing BGS.


  • In one of the gingerbread houses to gift far away from the spawn area, when exchanging gifts, you were able to see the interior of the house, the wallpaper was filled with OWOs and had 2 framed fan art pictures.