For other uses, see Christmas Starter Area.

The Christmas Starter Area was the spawn for the Christmas 2019 Event. The Christmas Event used Presents as currency, as opposed to Candy Canes the previous year.

The Christmas Starter Area consisted of 3 eggs. This event also had rewards.


The following Eggs were able to be purchased with Presents:

These eggs could hatch the following:

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Christmas Rewards

Slot Reward
1 Void Kitty
2 Brick Dominus
3 Lunarcorn
5 Snowy Fox
9 Hell Bat
16 Demonic Dominus
22 Lime Angel
32 Red Gift
46 Frost Angel
66 Snowball
74 Pink Ducky
83 Sea Phoenix
94 Rudolph Shock
111 Yeti
150 Lenny Box
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