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The Christmas Starter Area (or Christmas Event Lobby) was the spawn for the Christmas 2018 Event. The Christmas Event used Candy Canes as currency, rather than coins.

Islands and Events

The Christmas Event contained five Christmas themed islands, listed here. Each island had a special item linked to it.


The following Eggs were able to be purchased with Candy Canes or Robux:

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Island Rewards

Slot Reward Cost
1 Panda 100
2 Ruby Golem 544
3 Dragon 1,940
4 Frost Wolf 4,920
5 Frost Kitty 10,230
9 Lava Bear 70,850
13 Ruby Bat 238,310
16 Dark Bat 472,790
20 Golden Dragon 987,300
24 Emerald Golem 1,800,000
40 Golden Butterfly 9,720,000
43 Lunarcorn 12,340,000
55 Hell Bat 27,810,000
60 Golden Pegasus 37,060,000
66 Evil Butterfly 50,760,000
78 Dark Phoenix 88,090,000
80 Golden Hybrid 95,770,000
94 Green Hydra 163,060,000
99 Space Mouse 193,480,000
100 Festivus 200,000,000


  • There was a 2x Candy Cane gamepass, and when the world was removed the owners of the gamepass were given the Merry Marshmallow pet.
  • This area was the only one to use the Candy Canes currency, which replaced Coins on the HUD.
  • This was the first event world, which came in Update 4.
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