The goal of Project Tab(s) is to update the standard tables with a tab view, reducing space/data, especially for separate rarity pages. To edit a section, click on the link (right click on tab viewer). To make a viewer, go to source mode and add:

(tabs go here)

Each tab should be a line in the following format:

|-| display = {{:Project:Tab/name}}

Project:Tab/Edit is a standard tab equivalent to collapsing on a regular table.


|-| Main Shop = {{:Project:Tab/Gum:Main}}
|-| Space Shop = {{:Project:Tab/Gum:Space}}
|-| Edit = {{:Project:Tab/Edit|Edit||true}}

This produces:

The Shop, also known as the Gum Store, is the place where a player can buy Gum, Flavors, and Faces. It is located in the Overworld Starter Area. There are also shops located in some of the other worlds.


To edit a tab's content, go to Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki:Tab and follow the link to the tab you want to edit.

Help - Fonts

To insert a font, go to source mode and find the spot you want to put the font in. Put in <span class=NAME> (words) </span> for the name of the font. Rarities are Common, Unique, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Stats are Bubble, Coin, Jewel, Candy, Candy-1, Block, Shell, Pearl, Star, Magma, CandyC, Gift, Ticket, and All.







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