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The user conduct is a set of standards that ALL users must comply to while on the Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki.
Fandom's Terms of Use applies globally.

Users on this Wiki are to not:

  • Harass users or any other entities because of their sexuality, origin, race, etc;
  • Use inappropriate language or profanities;
  • Upload or share inappropriate media where it is not allowed;
  • Share external site links from domains that are not allowed;
    • Allowed domains include:
      • roblox.com, fandom.com
  • Post content that is not written in the English language;
  • Plan raids on other Wikis or platforms;
  • Deface content on the Wiki (vandalism), or user profiles without permission;
  • Post content that is considered to be racist, homophobic, suicidal, controversial, sexist, explicit, or to have gore;
  • Impersonate any Roblox player, Fandom user or celebrity;
  • Attempt to scam any individual;
  • Creating alternate accounts to cause malicious intent, such as for personal gain, or causing issues undetected (sockpuppetry);
  • Lying about having certain inventory items in-game;
  • Discuss politics;

LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2021