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The contribution policy is a set of standards that ALL users must comply to while on the Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki.
Fandom's Terms of Use applies globally.

Some pages such as MediaWiki messages, templates, modules, or other pages, may have their original sources in the BGSWiki git repository.

  • Articles should not be included.
  • Pages linked to the files in the repository should not be edited directly, unless necessary or simple fixes.

When contributing, users are required to:

  • Give proper attribution or references to sources;
  • Not deface the content or any entity;
  • Keep the language in articles consistently in American English;
    • This is the preferred language by the game and developers.
  • Keep article content in a 3rd-person point of view;
  • Not insert inappropriate media or langauge;
  • Only include relevant information;
  • Not create articles that are useless, irrelevant, or not notable;

LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2021